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  • Folding and side round hole design , easy to storage and hang, and won’t take much space.
  • Made of high quality material, no odorous, wear resistant and easy to clean.
  • A must tool for your kitchen to wash fruit and vegetables.
  • Folding and side round hole design , easy to storage and hang, and won’t take much space.
  • Made of high quality material, no odorous, wear resistant and easy to clean.
  • A must tool for your kitchen to wash fruit and vegetables.
  • 1. The product uses environmentally friendly PP material, safe and healthy, durable
  • 2.13 cutting slits, cutting vegetables quickly does not hurt the hand
  • 3 can freely control the thickness of fruits and vegetables, enjoy healthy food
  • 4. Hollow drain strip design, can be cleaned while draining
  • 5. The wavy bowl design makes it easy to drop fruits and vegetables when rotating the lid for easy use.
  • Fish shape design and lovely appearance bring a lot of fun to home life. 
  • With the cover design, when the fish scales are scraped, the scales are not flying, and the operation is convenient. 
  • The bottom is raised, and the fish scales are scraped easily. 
  • The washing is convenient, clean and sanitary, and the handle is provided with hanging holes, which can be hung and placed neatly. 
  • Place items more ventilated and layered for your storage needs.
  • Three-layer frame design to effectively store more items.
  • Iron art products, simple and smooth lines.
  • Arc corner design, surface anti-oxidation coating, anti-oxidation and anti-rust.
  • Durable Makeup Organizer: Made from eco-friendly ABS plastic. Steady base, more durable than the typical acrylic makeup storage cases.
  • 3 Layers Large Space: High first tier for bottled cosmetic, second and third layers with divided drawers, for brush, jewelry lipstick, keep your desktop tidy.
  • Modern Design: Cosmetic storage box with portable handle, easy to grip, can take it to anywhere, with transparent top cover, beauty makeup is displayed through transparent cover.
  • Dust & Water Free: The cosmetic organizer box cover with lids keep your things away from dirt and water, wherever in the bathroom or bedroom.
  • Multi-Function: Great for storing your jewelry, hair accessories, nail polishes, perfumes, grooming tools and more. Great for home use or professional make-up studios.
  • Kitchen Drill Free Dual-grid Cutting Board Draining Holder Pot Lid Storage Rack
  • Multi-functional design, can be used to store rags, pot lids etc.
  • No drill needed, adhesive suspension design, can bear weight up to 3KG
  • Convenient and easy to drain
  • 100% brand new and high-quality made.
  • This watermelon cutter comes with one automatic cutter blades, simply push the watermelon cutter tool into watermelon and then watermelon cubes will come out automatically.
  • Watermelon cutting ruler helps you to measure 0-2CM cubes as your favorite size.
  • Handle is made of stainless steel, its easy to operate and allows quick cutting and serving of watermelon cubes smoothly and easily.
  • Quickly and effortlessly cuts the watermelon; allowing for fast and easy serving straight out of the melon cube onto the plate.
  • 1.Easily make meatballs of the right size and shape.
  • 2.With it, you can make meatballs, fish balls, beef balls, etc. in the way you like.
  • 3.The device is also equipped with a small shovel for convenient and practical use.
  • 4.Essential tools for eating hot pot at home.
  • 5.Washable, material safe and reusable.
  • 6.Dual-head can make different size meat ball .
  • Easy to use, when pull the top rope, then quickly opened, needn't install, very convenient.
  • Fishing Net Trap with six enter design are great for catching smelt, eels, crab, lobster, minnows, shrimp and crawfish.
  • Use six solid steel bar bracket, so that the net could strong.
  • Special zipper design for easy take out the fish, crab, lobster and crawfish.
  • Qualified Nylon material, solid and strong, you can use it for a long time.
  • Energy saving,long service life and durability. 
  • Solar Spotlight and High Efficiency Solar Panels: No AC or DC power is required.
  • Specific lighting control systems ensure that the LED automatically operates in dark environments (at night).
  • Charge automatically during the day (plenty of sunshine) and light up at night.
  • Easy installation, adjustable lighting angle.
  • Waterproof grade IP65, can be kept in water for a long time.
  • It can be widely used for lighting and decoration of fences, gutters, outdoors, courtyards,roofs, etc.
  • Retractable folding design. It can be carried at any time, or it can be decorated and embellished at home to change people's mood
  • Practical kitchen supplies. More practical, it can store fruits, snacks, and can also be fried and cooked to withstand heavyweights
  • Wide range of uses. It can be used to deepen food, steam all kinds of vegetable meat, clean all kinds of fruits, and drain without spending a lot of time
  • Handle that won't be hot. There are handles on both sides that can be taken without hurting your hands
  • Multi-function faucet rack, high-quality PP material flexible rotation.
  • Double-layer reinforcement, strong and durable.
  • Drain design, easy to ventilate and dry, bottom leaching design, can drain well.
  • Hook design, two hooks, you can hang some small things.
  • 1. Ayam Golek Ganu Kite
  • 2. Bakeri BAjet
  • 3. Salon Pesona Idaman (Bertangas)
  • 4. Salon Pesona Idaman (Gunting Rambut Muslimah)
  • 5. Nabila On (Dinner Makeup)
  • 6. Nabila On (Henna Design)
  • 7. Nur Jannah (Sauna RF 3 in 1)
  • 8. Uncle Jack (Roti Jepun)
  • 9. Blackbox (1jam Bermain PS4)
  • 10. Aroma Halwa (Mee Bandung Siam)
  • 11. Pak Da (Nasi Kerabu Ayam Goreng)
  • 12. Pak Da (Nasi Goreng Pak Da)
  • 13. Maghi Raso (Nasi Goreng Pattani)
  • 14. Maghi Raso (Nasi Campur)
  • 15. Fazaazmir Wedding & Design (Baju Nikah Perempuan)
  • 1. Hanie Cafe
  • 2. Rasa Malaya Cafe
  • 3. Izi Stesen
  • 4. Warisan Anggoi Cafe
  • 5. Long's Cafe
  • 6. Boom Town Garden Cafe
  • 7. Army Corner
  • 8. Sala Thai
  • 9. Hawker Station
  • 10. Nomad Barista
  • 11. Hanie Beauty Spa
  • 12. Alinah Rizqah (Berkam)
  • 13. Naurah Beauty
  • 14. Alinah Rizqah (Sauna Herba)
  • Jooze Salt Nicotine Flavor Mango
  • 10ml
  • 35 mg / 50mg
  • Jooze Salt Nicotine Flavor Wild Berries
  • 10ml
  • 35 mg / 50 mg
  • Jooze Salt Nicotine Flavor Nutty Tobbaco
  • 10ml
  • 35 mg / 50mg
  • For the first use,wipe the surface of the wafer with adamp clothand wipe the surface of the heating disc with a brush dipped in oil or butter.
  • Mix the flour, eggs, water, salt and oil slowly and slowly. Stir well. The batter concentration is similar to that of thick milk.Do not mix bubbles or pimple.The effect is better when you If you placed it in advance1-2 hours.
  • Pour the batter into a special batter plate, connect the power, then indicator ligh will be lighten, baking pan began to heat,preheat 3 minutes and it will be off, then you can start baking.
  • Turn the pizza over, tilt the batter into the batter plate, and then make the batter stick to the batter plate,stop for 3 seconds,bring flip over, on the tableabout 20 seconds, cake surface color will change, it is done. Use a wooden shovel or chopstick to loosen the edges and pour into the dish.
  • Specially designed for soaking and washing rice effectively.
  • Can also be used for washing vegetables and fruits.
  • Fine water draining holes desing, convenient and practical.
  • Made from eco-friendly, BPA-free, food grade plastic.