(Ready Stock) Pet Grass Self Grow Natural Pure Mud Healthy Cat Food Plant Kit
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Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm
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  • Help digestion and conditioning gastrointestinal health
  • Improve the oral environment, prevention and control of oral disease.
  • To help the cat relax
  • For postpartum dairy free pet role of prolactin
  • Promote breast pipeline permeability enhancement

Cats like to use their tongues lick their bodies to clean. But to do this, it is easy to hair 
swallowed, forming a hair ball. Gastrointestinal blockage will harm the cat's life, catnip
can help remove the cat in the intestines and stomach hair ball, pure natural, no side
effect, no adverse consequences, using a simple and convenient.

Material: Natural
Color: Colorful
Package Size: 13*8*7cm

Planting Method:

1. Soak crystall ball in clear water for 10 - 12 hours
2. Soak seeds for 24 hours to moisture the seed.
3. Remove water from seeds and crystal ball
4. Place seeds and crystall ball in tupperware (provided) and expose it to moderate sun exposure. 
5. In 2 - 4 days, the plant will start growing.
6. After 7th day, pet grass ready to serve for your lovely cat.

Seeds are to soak for 10 hours, there is conducive to the germination of catnip

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What's in the box

2 x crystall ball
2 x catnip set package
1 x tupperware